10 amazing facts about Google Pixel

1. Google Pixel is a range of consumer electronics that are powered by either the Android or Chrome OS operating systems and were created by Google.

2. The Google Pixel product range consists of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and wearable.

3. The Google pixel smartphone, which was unveiled in October 2016, was the first Google pixel product.

4. The Google pixel 3 and Google pixel 3a, which were introduced in May 2019.

5. The technology, software, and design of Google Pixel products are renowned for their excellence.

6. Reviewers have usually given Google Pixel smartphones excellent feedback, complimenting its cameras, screens, and build quality.

7. The Google pixel 3a was selected by The Verge as the top entry-level smartphone of 2019.

8. The Google Pixel is available in more than 20 nations worldwide.

9. Google said that more than 3 million Pixel smartphones have been sold in 2018.

10. The Google Pixel line of gadgets sells the most.

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