10 Amazing facts about Mac Os

  • There are 35 distinct language versions of Mac OS.

  • The Mac's predecessor, the exceedingly pricey Apple Lisa, was given Lisa's name by Steve Jobs.

  • Every 128K Macintosh—the first model sold—had the etched autographs of every member of the Apple Mac team, including Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, within the beige plastic case.

  • System 5 was the first version of the Macintosh operating system that actually allowed you to run multiple programmes at once, despite the Mac's windowed interface (via cooperative multitasking).

  • After Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985, he left and founded NeXT, which began producing and selling extremely costly, cutting-edge computers in 1988. Later, Apple acquired NeXT in 1996, and a year later, Steve Jobs was reinstated as CEO.

  • In 1989, Apple released the first portable Mac, two years before the PowerBook. It was a failure; despite having a potent 16MHz 68000 processor and a brilliant active-matrix LCD display, it weighed 16 pounds and cost $6,500.

  • PowerBook, which was an immediate hit. The PowerBook 100, PowerBook 140, and PowerBook 170 were the three models that made up the lineup. All three included substantial wrist rest areas and huge trackballs for mouse movement. The keyboard was also moved back.

  • The first laptop featuring a trackpad was the PowerBook 500, which debuted in 1994. Nearly the entire laptop market had made the move to trackpads by the late 1990s.

  • The G4 Cube, possibly the most well-known failed Mac, was introduced by Apple in 2000. The Smithsonian possesses one because it is stunning, but it has gained notoriety for hairline fractures that developed over time in the clear plastic moulded shell.

  • A year after the public beta and nearly two years after the release of the server-based version of OS X, OS X 10.0 was made available for purchase in March 2001. It was written from scratch and used a brand-new operating system; the practise of naming versions after cats persisted through eight iterations.

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