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10 Interesting Facts about Nathan Chen

1. Nathan Chen was born and reared in the Utah city of Salt Lake City.

2. Nathan Chen won the Four Continents Championship after winning gold at the 2017 Nationals.

3. A year before the Olympics, Nathan Chen was seeing Amber Glenn publicly.

4. Nathan Chen skates during the men's short programme at Skate America in Everett, Washington, on Friday, October 19, 2018.

5. Nathan Chen finished 17th in the solo men's event after a bad performance in the short programme.

6. Nathan Chen was the first skater to land a quad Flip at the 2018 Winter Olympics, finishing fourth in the men's short programme of the team event.

7.Nathan Chen earned his first Grand Prix title at the 2017 Rostelecom Cup in Moscow, in his second Grand Prix series.

8. Nathan Chen finished the 2017 World Team Trophy in Tokyo in third place overall and second place personally.

9. At the 2016 US Championships, Nathan Chen created history by becoming the first American man to land two quadruple leaps in the short programme.

10.Nathan Chen is a figure skater from the United States who competes in the men's singles division.

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