10 Unknown facts about Shark Tank

  • Every Shark Tank entrepreneur is required to meet with a psychologist instantly after filming their pitch.

  • Entrepreneurs are absolutely prohibited from contacting the Sharks before to appearing on the show. You can't make eye contact until the cameras start rolling.

  • Obviously, entrepreneurs are not permitted to lie about their enterprises while pitching...but many do.

  • Both the entrepreneurs and the Sharks have the option to withdraw out of the contract when shooting is completed, however it is generally the entrepreneurs that do so.

  • Entrepreneurs were expected to hand up a share of their firm to the production company in return for appearing on Shark Tank in the early days. This regulation was repealed when Mark Cuban vowed to resign over it.

  • However, prior to shooting, candidates must sign a "no-shop" agreement. This prevents them from negotiating a deal with a Shark and then leveraging that contract (along with the TV publicity) to get a better bargain elsewhere.

  • Contestants must write their proposals fully from scratch. The script is then reviewed by the producers, who may make minor changes to make it more appealing for television.

  • Entrepreneurs are only allowed one take to deliver their proposal on camera. If you make a mistake, there are no reshoots.

  • When candidates first arrive on set, they are subjected to a protracted "look-down" with the Sharks, in which they stare at each other in complete silence for a full minute. It may be really daunting.

  • Contestants must be willing to bare their guts in front of the camera. A producer will encourage them to reveal their emotional narrative during their pitch if they have one.

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