9 Interesting Facts about Europa League

  • Did you know that the UEFA Europa League was once known as the UEFA Cup?

  • Initially, the UEFA Europa League final was split into two legs. The format, however, was altered in the 1997-98 season.

  • The winning club is permitted to retain the trophy in the club's trophy cabinet for a year after winning it. The club is required to surrender the trophy to UEFA after a year.

  • The 2019/2020 UEFA Europa League is the competition's 49th season and the 11th after its name was changed from UEFA Cup to its present moniker.

  • The group stage matches begin on September 19th and continue every two or three weeks until December 12th.

  • The UEFA Europa Cup trophy is believed to weigh around 15 kg. According to several reports, the trophy was created in 1972 in Italy by the studios ofBertoni.

  • Spain, England, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Germany each have three teams; Portugal has four teams; Russia, Italy, France, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium each have two teams; and Denmark, Cyprus, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Serbia, and six other leagues each have one team in the group.

  • Club de football de Espana Sevilla is the Europa League's most successful club. They've won it five times, three of them in a row. If they win this season, it will be their sixth time.

  • In 2009/10, the UEFA Cup was renamed the UEFA Europa League.

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