15 Interesting facts about Manchester United

  • Manchester United began as a railway club.

  • In their debut match, they did not wear red and white.

  • Their first bout was humiliating.

  • Despite the fact that the original club was formed in 1878, Newton Heath LYR F.C. did not play their first-ever documented game until 1880.

  • In the 1890s, they had a taste of the top flight.

  • Football (or soccer, as some refer to it) became a major sport in England in 1885, and Newton Heath LYR F.C. joined the league in 1886.

  • The first stadium they utilised held 12,000 people and was known as "North Road."

  • Great success did not happen quickly, and the club experienced major financial difficulties in the early twentieth century.

  • The club owed a total of £2,670, which is approximately £300,000 now! Harry Stafford, the club's captain, was instrumental in the club's survival. He recruited a total of four investors prepared to each invest £500 in the club in order to pay off the majority of the debt.

  • The club was renamed Manchester United in exchange. Manchester United was founded on April 24, 1902!

  • Manchester United finished second runners-up in the second division in 1905-1906, earning them promotion to the first division.

  • In the season 1907-1908, they won their first title just two years after gaining promotion to the top division!

  • Manchester United became the first English team to win the European Cup. This took place in the year 1968.

  • Manchester United was the top football club in the world during the 2016-2017 season. In that one year, they earned 676.3 million Euros.

  • The Glazer Family and Manchester United Plc possess a majority stake in the club. The Glazer family owns the most shares and hence maintains control and ownership of the club.

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