9 Interesting facts about PI

  • Pi's symbol has been in use for nearly 250 years. William Jones, a Welsh mathematician, invented the sign in 1706. Leonhard Euler, a mathematician, popularised the sign.

  • We can never know the precise area or circumference of a circle because the exact value of pi can never be computed.

  • Pi day is observed on March 14th, or 3/14, since 3.14 is one of the initial digits of pi. Mathematicians all throughout the world like commemorating this endlessly long, never-ending number.

  • An Indiana country doctor claimed in 1888 that he had obtained the precise measure of a circle by supernatural methods. He was so certain in his "supernatural" knowledge that he proposed a bill in the Indiana legislature to allow him to patent his brilliant discoveries. However, a math professor in the legislature demonstrated to the fellow how his proposed law would result in an incorrect value of pi.

  • At San Francisco's Exploratorium scientific museum, physicist Larry Shaw established 14 March as Pi day. He is renowned as the Prince of Pi there.

  • The computation of pi is a computer stress test. It functions similarly to a digital cardiogram in that it reflects the degree of activity within the computer's CPU.

  • Givenchy sells a men's perfume called 'Pi.' This product is marketed by the firm as capable of increasing the attractiveness of bright and imaginative guys.

  • The number pi is more than simply a topic of discussion among mathematicians and students. The defence attorney and FBI agent's case in the famous O.J. Simpson trial centred around the value of pi. Because he employed pi incorrectly, the FBI agent's findings in the case were incorrect.

  • In 1873, William Shanks, a British mathematician, worked by hand to calculate the digits of pi. He spent several years manually calculating the pi digits and discovered the first 707 digits. Unfortunately, the 527th digit he discovered was incorrect, rendering all subsequent digits incorrect as well.

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