Top 10 fun facts about Google Maps

  • Google Maps has about Twenty petabytes of data, which is around 21 million gigabytes or nearly 20,500 terabytes.

  • Aerial and satellite photos are updated every two weeks, depending on data availability.

  • Both Google Maps and Google Earth use satellite images from a variety of sources including third-party vendors.

  • Google Maps has been one of the most popular applications since 2013, and it is by far the most utilised navigation software.

  • Google Maps is used by over 5.9 million websites, accounting for around 88 percent of all map usage on the internet.

  • Tribes in the Amazon are actively mapping their territories with GPS and Google Earth, monitoring for illegal logging and mining, and maintaining linkages to their history and cultural practises, including medicinal plant knowledge.

  • Google Maps' zoom level in most locations is set to 20. The greatest zoom level on Google Maps is 23, although it is only available in a few locations.

  • Google Earth's historical images may be used to observe the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Google Earth shows several ocean wrecks, including the Titanic.

  • The default centre point of Google Earth is the author's (Brian McClendon) residence in Lawrence, Kansas.

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