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22 Unknown facts about-Easter 2022

  • In the Christian religion, Easter is the commemoration of Jesus Christ's resurrection.

  • Springtime is associated with new life and rebirth, and eggs have long been regarded a symbol of fertility.

  • The tradition of the Easter bunny delivering eggs and chocolates originated in Germany. The oldest recorded record of this practise is from the 16th century. When Dutch colonists moved in Pennsylvania in the 1700s, they introduced the concept of rabbits to the United States.

  • Easter candy costs $1.9 billion in the United States. After Halloween, this is the second most popular confectionery holiday.

  • The practise of colouring chicks has sparked heated discussion. Many hatcheries have stopped participating, while others claim that the colour is safe for the chicks because it only lasts until they lose their fluff and develop their feathers.

  • In 1680, a fable about a rabbit (later known as the "Easter Bunny") placing eggs in a garden was first written.

  • After a 40-day period known as Lent, Easter is celebrated on a Sunday. Although Lent is known as a season of fasting, participants focus on giving up one major indulgence.

  • During the week coming up to Easter, people celebrate Holy Week. Palm Sunday is the beginning, followed by Monday Thursday, Good Friday, and eventually Easter Sunday.

  • Chocolate accounts for 70% of all Easter candy purchases.

  • The ears of a chocolate rabbit should be eaten first, according to 76 percent of Americans.

  • Natural things like onion peels, tree bark, flower petals, and fluids were once used to make egg colours.

  • Since 1878, the President of the United States and their family have participated in "The White House Easter Egg Roll."

  • Pastel pastels and flower designs are traditional Easter apparel colours. This heralds the arrival of spring. According to the trend, Americans spend around $3.3 billion on Easter clothes.

  • The stories gave rise to the Easter Bunny.

  • Rabbits are viewed as a sign of fresh life in various cultures. During a famine, a lady lays concealed painted eggs across the city, according to the German Easter Bunny folklore. When the youngsters discovered the eggs, they noticed a large rabbit leaping around.

  • The white lily is the national Easter flower.

  • These "Easter lily" flowers represent elegance and purity. As a result, around Easter, people utilise these flowers to adorn their homes and churches.

  • Easter is observed in the United States by placing Easter baskets for kids on the morning of the holiday.

  • This was one of the ways Protestants showed their opposition to Catholic Easter festivities. There are also additional creatures in various European nations. In Switzerland, the cuckoo carries eggs, whereas in Westphalia, the fox does.

  • Greek Orthodox Christians colour their Easter eggs red. It represents Jesus' blood and his victory over death. Furthermore, red represents the rebirth of life.

  • Easter bonfires are lit in certain European nations. This custom is said to symbolise fertility.

  • Easter was also celebrated with pretzels.

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